JPEGMAFIA x FREAKY 'the 2nd amendment' cd
JPEGMAFIA x FREAKY 'the 2nd amendment' cd

JPEGMAFIA x FREAKY 'the 2nd amendment' cd

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CD limited to 250 copies (1 remaining)

Some acts try to shock, others are truly dangerous. When JPEGMAFIA and Freaky teamed up earlier in 2016 for their "I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump" music video, they did what so few artists are capable of - they transcended shock, skipped right over soap boxes, and went straight for being the true embodiment of all the tension and trauma of contemporary America. Their full album just gets even more intense and eloquent from there. Most powerful artists in the game.

Features a guest appearance from Hemlock Ernst of Future Islands.

"The resultant music is darkly humorous, angry, pitch black, and acerbic, an embodiment of the notion that the only way to deal with an absurd world is to meet it with equal absurdity." - Pigeons and Planes

CD tracklisting:
1. Hop Out The Pussy I’m 21 (Produced by JPEGMAFIA x Freaky)
2. Lets Hit a Lick on the White House (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
4. I Might Vote 4 Donald Trump (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
5. #Trussmidaddi [Produced by JPEGMAFIA]
6. Big Data (Produced by JPEGMAFIA) / The Internet Ain’t Safe Interlude (Produced by Freaky)
7. Xanny Davis Jr. (feat. Wrongful Life) [Produced by JPEGMAFIA]
8. Rinky 2K (Produced by Fridgidair Karats) / Fatal Fury (Produced by JPEGMAFIA)
9. Urb (Produced by Urban Shaman)
10. Boyz 2 Men (feat. Butch Dawson) [Produced by JPEGMAFIA]
11. Llama Mind (feat. Hemlock Ernst) [Produced by JPEGMAFIA]
12. BONUS TRACK: roB bankS (Produced by Butch Dawson)

CD limited to 250 copies.