WHITE BOY SCREAM 'remains' cassette
WHITE BOY SCREAM 'remains' cassette

WHITE BOY SCREAM 'remains' cassette

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“…unnerving pieces that accrue a fearsome intensity the longer they go." - The Stranger on White Boy Scream

Filipino mythology and culture is woven throughout Micaela Tobin’s latest noise/opera hybrid work ‘Remains’. Released under the moniker White Boy Scream, Tobin seamlessly combines her classical training with a passion for contemporary experimental electronics for an exploration of anti-colonialism and her own half filipino / white identity. Austere feminist occultism is used to reclaim the traditionally misogynistic narratives of opera through completely modern means. The results are, simply, a jaw dropping palate uniquely Tobin’s.

Micaela Tobin has an MFA in VoiceArts from CalArts. Her work spans from composing underground experimental opera for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to guesting on stage next to Tony & Grammy award winning artist Daveed Diggs with his hip hop group clipping.